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How to delete the page title


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11 October 2008 at 3:32pm (Last edited: 11 October 2008 4:24pm), Community Member, 37 Posts

SS is great but got matter about CSS's
Checked all CSS files and couldnt find it's code. Even not sure that there is???

In the top of content area, BlackCandy (maybe also others) put the "page name" with huge letters automaticly.
Is there a way to remove the name area and let content (text) go up to start from its location.

Or maybe making it a bit smaller?



11 October 2008 at 5:02pm Forum Moderator, 5511 Posts

You would want to look in the template files to remove that. I would assume you are talking about the title field on the page.

Have a look at themes/blackcandy/Templates/layout/ for the template which i think you want to remove the code from


12 October 2008 at 1:19am Community Member, 37 Posts

Ok I've found it and works.

But I want to ask about, is there a way to print "Navigation Label" to there?
If yes what should I write instead of $Title

Already tried
$Navigation label
$Navigation Label

None of them works.

And asking too much but, is there a way to make that title smalller? Couldnt find it in the CSS.


12 October 2008 at 1:27am Forum Moderator, 5511 Posts

$MenuTitle is the one you want to use.


12 October 2008 at 1:56am (Last edited: 12 October 2008 1:57am), Community Member, 37 Posts

Yes it is...

Thanks, it solved most of the problem. Cos I dont want to use non english characters in metas.

But one left if possible.
Where can I find the CSS string to make it smaller?
Is it somewhere else but "layout.css" cos couldnt find it there?

Thanks lot.


12 October 2008 at 11:38am Forum Moderator, 5511 Posts

I fully recommend you install Firebug for firefox. its a great plugin which enables to you inspect parts of that webpage and their CSS styles and where they come from!. It makes things like "where does this css come from" alot easier!. Check out themes/blackcandy/css/typography.css for some typography styles


13 October 2008 at 1:09am Community Member, 37 Posts

Oh god, Thanks a lot.

Firebug saved my day.

In fact I'm opera user just using FF for scripts control panels cos it lest JS right clicks.
Thats why I never tried to search for its extension.

Firebug is extreme, before I was seeking all the code and finding with reading & guess.