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get_one except only from child pages?


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6 December 2008 at 4:32pm Community Member, 19 Posts

I am trying to do a pretty complex "news" feature for a client (almost wondering if it would be better to do a customized blog module?)

The idea is that there are several pages for several different buildings, each that have different news items. So I did the NewsHolder / News style page from the tutorials, only the get_one function seems to pull in news from any NewsHolder page as when I added more than one NewsHolder it stopped working.

Instead I tried to do a <% control Children %> / <% if ClassName = NewsHolder %> however it will list every news item rather than the top 5 for example.

Finally is there any way to get this working and also create a "sticky" news item?


8 December 2008 at 2:18pm Community Member, 19 Posts

Just in case someone has the same problem this is the code I used to make it work

   function LatestNews($num=5) {
      $childNews = DataObject::get_one("NewsHolder","ParentID = $this->ID", null, 1);
      return ($childNews) ? DataObject::get("News", "ParentID = $childNews->ID", "Date DESC", "", $num) : false;