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SilverStripe forum updated; allows codes, uploads, emails

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7 July 2007 at 2:18pm (Last edited: 7 July 2007 2:23pm), Forum Moderator, 628 Posts

The SilverStripe forum has been updated, allowing

- BBCode tags (Bold, Italic, Underlined, Struckout, [url]Links[/url], Inline images), Code, syntax-highlighted HTML and php, as shown below.
- File uploads
- Get emails when people reply to your posts

(Note you may need to do a Ctrl-Refresh if the apperance of the forum looks weird; we've updated the design...)

Cheers Matt, Romain and others who helped on releasing the forum.

This code powering this updated forum is available at [url][/url]


7 July 2007 at 2:24pm (Last edited: 7 July 2007 2:25pm), Forum Moderator, 628 Posts

<ul id="signpost">
<li>hi there

Normal text...

echo "Hello world";


7 July 2007 at 3:34pm (Last edited: 7 July 2007 3:34pm), Forum Moderator, 921 Posts

Great work. :-)

Also, is the font size supposed to be so big when writing a post?


7 July 2007 at 4:08pm Forum Moderator, 5511 Posts

Awesome Work matt, romain and everyone who worked on the forum!. But Im the same as sean, the font size when writing a post is kinda big and is the text meant to be bold??


7 July 2007 at 4:27pm Core Development Team, 84 Posts

Sean: Probably not. There's a font-size of 1.4em on the textarea and title field, which seems to be why it looks fubar'd.

I'm sure someone will fix this sometime next week.

(Replace 'someone' with 'Sean' in the above sentence makes the sentence make much more sense)


9 July 2007 at 9:21pm Google Summer of Code Hacker, 152 Posts

Another problem is that the content of the post is below the author in IE7, the float doesn't seem to work and I think the problem is that you specify the width of DIV.posterContent.. a little bit hard to explain, so lets try out the new inline images :-)


9 July 2007 at 11:29pm Forum Moderator, 628 Posts

Markus... good find. What are you using IE7 for anyway? :P


10 July 2007 at 9:40pm (Last edited: 10 July 2007 9:44pm), Google Summer of Code Hacker, 152 Posts

Since IE is still the most used browser I think more developers should use it :-P

It makes no sense if something looks great in Firefox but >80% of the users have problems because they use IE...

And another point: Normally it is much easier to fix a IE site for Firefox then vice-versa :D

Two other small "bugs" I found:
* The RSS feeds aren't formatted at all.. the 's and so on are visible there
* I think

should also use white-space: pre and maybe the headers "TEXT:", "HTML:", and "PHP:" should be dropped...

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