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A couple of things that I would like to request.


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28 July 2007 at 11:47am Community Member, 8 Posts

Hello. I'm back to use SS :D

A few things I have noticed..
- a gif image turned to a still image after posting it in a page
- a global configuration page where I can change the site's name and input meta information.

and this is what i defintiely would like.
- a new url for pages in sub categories
At the moment i think ss allows only 1 category in depth?

thanks to the ss(super saiyan!) team!


28 July 2007 at 4:41pm Community Member, 94 Posts

>> a new url for pages in sub categories
>> eg)

IMHO it would be enough to have some prepositions, e.g. when creating a new Article 'XXX', then the URL would be like


30 July 2007 at 5:47am Administrator, 685 Posts

xmedeko - good suggestion!

We could probably do this by moving the link generation to a separate function, eg generateLink(), that could then be overloaded on a class by class basis.

We could provide a function, unqiueSafeLink, that did all the requisite processing - so you didn't need to implement this yourself.

function generateLink() {
return $this->uniqueSafeLink('article-' . $this->Title);

xmedeko - does this sound like a suitably straightforward approach to you?


30 July 2007 at 1:50pm Community Member, 94 Posts

I think, that the Javascript has to be changed as well. If someone changes the title of the page, to change the URL like 'article-new-title' as well. Or do you think, is is better to show in the CMS just the 'new-title' part, but store URLSegment in the DB like 'article-new-title' ?


9 August 2007 at 6:01pm Administrator, 685 Posts

Potentially, we could do the link generation via ajax - this would let us check the URL for uniqueness as well, which it currently doesn't do until you save the page.