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installation stuck on "Building database schema..."

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13 September 2007 at 5:08am (Last edited: 13 September 2007 5:10am), 7 Posts

I am attempting to install Silverstripe; however, the installation process stuck on "Building database schema..." and would not proceed any further.

My setup is as follows:
- Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring (GNOME interface - shouldn't matter though)
- Apache 2, PHP 5.2.1, MySQL 5.0.37, installed using built-in software installation management utility
- silverstripe tarball uncompress directory onto /var/www/html, with all previous subdirectories eliminated - that is, index.html, index.php, etc. are directly on /var/www/html and access by just http://localhost via the web browser
- owner:group of /var/www/html and all files/sub-subdirectories below are apache:apache
- all status indicates green/OK on the install.php page prior to clicking "Install SilverStripe" button.

What are the ways to eliminate this problem? I am using SilverStripe 2.0.2b - the latest available on the website.


13 September 2007 at 7:52am Forum Moderator, 628 Posts

Any idea on the CPU and RAM of the machine? We get this happening from time to time, so your specs would be useful. I wonder if it is just a memory/CPU-intenstive operation that isn't playing nicely with the machine?

You should be able to either visit the homepage of your site, or run /db/build to progress through the installation bit by bit...

e.g. try visiting the base page of your site, and it has errors, visit

<your website root>/db/build


13 September 2007 at 8:40am (Last edited: 13 September 2007 8:46am), 7 Posts


The setup is inside a virtualized environment within VMWare Workstation 6.0:
- based CPU: AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-60
- VM profile: VMWare Workstation 5.x compatible, ESX compatible
- RAM given to VM: 384MB (there is a Linux swap partition of equilvent size in the vm)
- file system: xfs (don't think whether that matters)
- VMWare-tools: installed and working


13 September 2007 at 5:34pm Forum Moderator, 628 Posts


Did you try my ideas above ?


14 September 2007 at 9:52am 230 Posts

The most likely reason for db/build failing is PHP running out of memory. Try upping the memory given to PHP.


15 September 2007 at 8:21am 7 Posts

I screwed up the VM (something unreleated to Silverstripe) so I have to reinstall the VM from scratch. I'll try installing Silverstripe again; I'll also be trying out different Linux distros to see if it makes a difference.


26 September 2007 at 1:24pm 7 Posts

I finally got Silverstripe installed - this time around I used Fedora 7 (I chose F7 because it has the latest PHP versions as recommended by SS). I'll share my experience in another posting.


26 September 2007 at 1:40pm Forum Moderator, 628 Posts

Glad to hear! :)

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