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PaddyGreen updated for SS 2.1


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3 October 2007 at 4:30pm (Last edited: 3 October 2007 4:36pm), Google Summer of Code Hacker, 76 Posts

I updated the PaddyGreen custom theme to be compatible with the new 2.1 release of SilverStripe. Now it uses the Theme API and supports blogs model out of the box.

New version includes a new widget panel in the footer, which could be customized to display site wide widgets (such as flickr images, links)

You could see a working demo of the theme at : [url][/url]
Download the theme and try out - [url][/url]

Please report any browser issues and improvements you would like to see.


3 October 2007 at 4:45pm Forum Moderator, 5511 Posts

Nice! Andrew has just polished off the theme page so now you can upload your own themes too . It would be great to see a couple more themes up there.

The only thing that I would recommend is that you adapt it to follow our html guidelines - or follow them as closely as possible. Just like for naming the divisions of the site. Its not important but we trying to set up a SilverStripe standard way so that everything is super modular and flexible!

Looks pretty good I'll download it and test it out now!


3 October 2007 at 5:10pm Forum Moderator, 5511 Posts

Sweet good work Lakshan! Installed fine on a clean 2.1 release :D

A couple bugs
- List icons on the About Us page (on the demo) are broken. Im trying to get a screenshot but my computers playing up. In IE6 they have a grey background?

- Again in IE6 the top of SilverStripe Themes heading is cut off just above the x height


3 October 2007 at 5:15pm Google Summer of Code Hacker, 76 Posts

@Will >> IE6 have this issue regard to transparent png's. There is a hack for this, I think its better to add it or simply use gifs. I'll update it.


3 October 2007 at 5:22pm (Last edited: 3 October 2007 5:23pm), Forum Moderator, 5511 Posts

can't you just put the images on a white background? They don't even need to be transparent unless you think people will be changing the background of the content area. I would also add this to the top of your layout.css so that when the page is short that bluey background comes through.

// to the top of your layout.css file
html {
   background: #273138;


3 October 2007 at 6:01pm (Last edited: 3 October 2007 6:05pm), Forum Moderator, 921 Posts

Will's idea about the background colour is good. That works well.

The IE hacks for alpha transparency I have found are dodgy - it relies on DirectX for the alpha transparency which sometimes crashes in IE6, it's best to avoid using hacks for this unless you absolutely necessarily need to.

You could just save the PNG icons as PNG-8, instead of 24. This stops the alpha transparency problem because 8 uses indexed transparency instead like the GIF format.



3 October 2007 at 6:27pm Google Summer of Code Hacker, 76 Posts

Changed the image background colors to white from transparent :)


9 October 2007 at 10:15am 230 Posts

Hey, looks very nice! :) I do have one gripe though - when the font size is reduced the layout of the blog goes a bit weird, and my browser has smaller fonts by default.