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Automatic Resizing of images uploaded on frontend.


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11 October 2007 at 5:03am (Last edited: 11 October 2007 5:28am), Community Member, 501 Posts


I let users upload images through the frontend and I want them to be resized immediately if they are bigger than 800x800.

Now I thought I could use some of SS's methods like 'generateResizedImage()' but I'm a bit stuck with that.

I get the original from the File-table based on an ID.
So I have a 'image' dataobject. Now I want to replace the original with the resized.
What I have already is this:

$photo = DataObject::get_by_id("File", $tip->PhotoID);
$width = $photo->getWidth();
$height = $photo->getHeight();
if($width > $height && $width > 800)
$newWidth = 800;
$ratio = $width/$newWidth;
   $newHeight = $height/$ratio
if($width < $height && $height > 800)
   $newHeight = 800;
   $ratio = $height/$newHeight;
   $newWidth = $width/$ratio;
if($newWidth && $newHeight)
   $resized = $photo->generateResizedImage($newWidth, $newHeight);
// do some stuff with the resized.. replace original with resized..?

Now there seems to be a parameter missing in the generateResizedImage(???, $width, $height), but there' s nothing about it in the docu:

I suppose it is $gd, but what is that $gd?

If someone could hint me how to resize the original image using SS that would be great. Otherwise I'm just going to use some plain php...


11 October 2007 at 5:46am (Last edited: 11 October 2007 5:50am), Community Member, 501 Posts

Ok, another approach:

if($newWidth && $newHeight)
$GDImage = new GD("../" . $photo->Filename);
   $GDImage->resize($newWidth, $newHeight);

Am I going in the right direction?


11 October 2007 at 6:45am Community Member, 501 Posts

Forget it, I solved it :-)


2 May 2008 at 9:22pm Community Member, 46 Posts

Hey dio5,

could you post you solution for resizing on front-end upload?