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Fixed: Bug in Files & Images section when attempting to view a single file's details


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20 February 2007 at 5:54pm Core Development Team, 84 Posts

If you've uploaded some files, then gone back to the 'Files' tab and clicked on one of these files, you'll notice a big, not-so-shiny error message. The fix to that error is below.

Note: This fix will be included in the next version of SilverStripe.

In sapphire/security/Member.php:
- Change line 327 from this:
$groups = DataObject::get('Group',"CanCMS=1 OR CanCMSAdmin=1");
To this:
$groups = DataObject::get('Group',"", "", "INNER JOIN `Permission` ON `Permission`.GroupID = `Group`.ID AND `Permission`.Code IN ('ADMIN', 'CMS_ACCESS_AssetAdmin')");

- Add the following on line 339 (In between the commented out code and the return statement:
if($groupIDList) $filterClause = "`GroupID` IN (" . implode( ',', $groupIDList ) . ")";
else $filterClause = "";

- Replace the first argument to extendedSQL with $filterClause, so from this:
...extendedSQL( "`GroupID` IN (" . implode( ',', $groupIDList ) . ") AND ( `CanCMS`=1 OR `CanCMSAdmin`=1 )",...
To this:

We really need some code highlighting/parsing structure for the forums...


22 February 2007 at 4:37pm Community Member, 4 Posts

Thanks Matt,

Yes, that fixed it. And yes, got the not very attractive SQL message and your other fix fixed that too :)

Just to clarify for anyone else adding the fix, the last code change refers to line 341 and the new version should look like:

      return new SQLMap( singleton('Member')->extendedSQL( $filterClause, "Surname, FirstName", "", "INNER JOIN `Group_Members` ON `MemberID`=`Member`.`ID` INNER JOIN `Group` ON `Group`.`ID`=`GroupID`") );   

Really happy with the way things are going on this CMS, keep up the good work.