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Great news: New effects in ImageEditor.


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29 October 2007 at 11:56am Google Summer of Code Hacker, 27 Posts


I was thinking to implement this in that kind of way :)
I think that vortex is too complex as an example (algorithm is quite complex and you need add selection of area in JS, like in crop)

For now I would choose altering contrast/brightness/gamma as effect that would replace vortex.


29 October 2007 at 11:58am Forum Moderator, 628 Posts


(although in which case, brightness controls are something I'd say are universally applicable :P )

Let us know what sort of timeframe you expect to be doing this so we can schedule it...


6 November 2007 at 10:35am Google Summer of Code Hacker, 27 Posts

I've looked on and it looks that almost all effects(contrast,brightness,gamma,blur
greyscale,sepia) can be done using native php functions. It means that they will be reasonably
fast. The only problem is with sharpening because we will need to do it manually pixel by pixel and it can be very slow. So I've started to think about abandoning sharpening.

Timeline for this project is unfortunately quite long(working and studying takes a lot of time) I assume that I will be able to close this project by the end of this year. As I will be working hard on it during Christmas break I would ask you for graphics in advance to have everything ready before Christmas.


6 November 2007 at 10:40am (Last edited: 6 November 2007 10:42am), Forum Moderator, 628 Posts

That sounds fine, will be cool to have these functions.

I thought sharpen was something in imagemagick, but I think blur is more useful than sharpen. Add an issue over at PHP for them to add it instead :P

Do you reckon you can still do the other trac tickets assigned to you as well (image search & edit photo popup to be launchable when in content editor?)


6 November 2007 at 10:47am Google Summer of Code Hacker, 27 Posts

Yep, imagemagick has sharpening functions but I think that imagemagick is not very common extension in standard php environment.

I've looked on these tickets :), currently I want to focus on image effects.


6 November 2007 at 5:02pm (Last edited: 6 November 2007 5:03pm), Administrator, 685 Posts

Regarding ImageMagick - the most elegant way to deal with this would be as follows:

* Check if ImageMagick is available during installation, and list it as a warning if not - explain "You will have more image effects if ImageMagick is available"

* In the image editor itself, only show the sharpen button if you can detect that ImageMagick is available.

That way, anyone who goes to the effort of installing ImageMagick will be able to use sharpen, but we're still not overburdening people with lots of mandatory requirements. Best of both worlds!

Also, Mateusz - could you give us a confirmed, complete list of the actions that you would like so we can get Will to make icons?


17 December 2007 at 10:41am (Last edited: 17 December 2007 10:44am), Google Summer of Code Hacker, 27 Posts

Sorry for not responding for such a long time.

This is confirmed list of effects:

- contrast,brightness,gamma,
- blur
- greyscale
- sepia

For contrast,brightness and gamma we will need to have some kind of sliders for other effects like blur,greyscale and sepia we will need only icons. did really good job implementing these features. We can borrow some ideas for design from them.

It would be great if Will will be able to make design before christmas.


17 December 2007 at 11:12am Forum Moderator, 5511 Posts

Great to see new features! I am flat out this week before I take off for a month over the new year/ christmas so I may not be able to get the design out to you but don't let me hold you up!

All you really need is to do a search for a couple icons to use - try GNOME, Tango and other open source logo sets and just try and keep the current design. Or if you want, Just do the html and create the links as just plain links and in the new year I will go through and do all the design styling for the image editor before we release it