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MathSpamProtection Language


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31 December 2009 at 7:23am Community Member, 41 Posts


I have activated MathSpamProtection at the blog. The question is appearing is only in english available. I can't find the sources to change it to numbers or add some translations, where I can find them?
Or is there a way to change it to Mollom?



12 November 2010 at 12:06am (Last edited: 12 November 2010 12:21am), Community Member, 20 Posts

same problem here
after som grepping i found the following


Only the numbers were wrongly translated in my case, so:

* Helper method for converting digits to their equivelant english words
static function digitToWord($num){
$numbers = array(_t('MathSpamProtection.ZERO', 'zero'),
_t('MathSpamProtection.ONE', 'one'),
_t('MathSpamProtection.TWO', 'two'),
_t('MathSpamProtection.THREE', 'three'),
_t('MathSpamProtection.FOUR', 'four'),
_t('MathSpamProtection.FIVE', 'five'),
_t('MathSpamProtection.SIX', 'six'),
_t('MathSpamProtection.SEVEN', 'seven'),
_t('MathSpamProtection.EIGHT', 'eight'),
_t('MathSpamProtection.NINE', 'nine'),
_t('MathSpamProtection.TEN', 'ten'),
_t('MathSpamProtection.ELEVEN', 'eleven'),
_t('MathSpamProtection.TWELVE', 'twelve'),
_t('MathSpamProtection.THIRTEEN', 'thirteen'),
_t('MathSpamProtection.FOURTEEN', 'fourteen'),
_t('MathSpamProtection.FIFTEEN', 'fifteen'),
_t('MathSpamProtection.SIXTEEN', 'sixteen'),
_t('MathSpamProtection.SEVENTEEN', 'seventeen'),
_t('MathSpamProtection.EIGHTEEN', 'eighteen'));

if($num < 0) return "minus ".($numbers[-1*$num]);

return $numbers[$num];

It's all translatable _t() but does not works all the time.

In German:
Spamschutz Frage: Was gibt three plus zwei ?

One number is translated, the other not... strange

grep is your friend! (grep -r "whatyousearchfor")

i searched for "TWO" (which was correctly translated) and "THREE" which was not.

turns out, THREE is missing in my german language file:

There is only:

$lang['de_DE']['MathSpamProtection']['TWELVE'] = 'zwölf';
$lang['de_DE']['MathSpamProtection']['TWO'] = 'zwei';
$lang['de_DE']['MathSpamProtection']['WHATIS'] = 'Was gibt %s plus %s ?';
$lang['de_DE']['MathSpamProtection']['ZERO'] = 'null';

now jus add whats missing!