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Tag and date filtering not working in blog


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3 September 2010 at 6:42pm (Last edited: 3 September 2010 6:43pm), Community Member, 17 Posts


I have a blog tree with a few blog holders below it and each blog holder has a set of associated tags.

The root of the blog tree is accessed with the url:

and the holders are then below that root.

If I select one of the holders then I get a page listing the blog entries under that holder, and the sidebar includes a list of tags and archive dates relevant to that holder. Each article also has its tags listed below its title.

Up to this point, and then clicking a title to get to an individual entry is working completely as expected.

However, if I click one of the tags, or an archive month, then all I get is the listing of _all_ entries under a specific blog holder, regardless of whether it satisfies the tag or date filtering request.

The tag filtering url is of the form:

and the date filtering url is of the form:

Both of these look to me to be as expected, so the fact that they do not work suggests some other problem... but what? I have no idea.

The result in both cases is that I just get the full unfiltered list of entries under the specified holder.

Do I need to add code to the BlogHolder.php file? I was expecting this to work out of the box... Other than running the blog under a differently named root ('articles'), and placing copies of the templates into mytheme_blog/templates folder, the code is very much as provided in the 0.4.0 download (running under SS 2.4).

Any ideas? Things I need to check.


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3 September 2010 at 7:54pm (Last edited: 3 September 2010 7:55pm), Community Member, 17 Posts


I found mention of a patch to 0.4.0 at

I've applied that and now the tag filtering works as expected, but date filtering is continuously generating 404s.

This patch supposedly fixes blog select/filter by year, but I cannot get that to work at all... whether by date/yyyy or date/yyyy/mm, no date-based filtering appears to work.

It is good though to have tag-based filtering now OK.




4 September 2010 at 9:48pm Community Member, 17 Posts

I'm at a loss... Date filtering wasn't working at all yesterday, now it is.

Yesterday I installed the patch and done a dev/build. This got tag filtering working, but not date filtering.

Today I installed some further modules (userforms, mollum and spamprotection) and repeated the dev/build... Now date fitering is working, but I'm at a loss to explain why!

Unless I missed something in yesterday's build.

Whatever, while surprising and I don't understand why, it is still most welcome to have date filtering working as well now.



29 March 2011 at 11:07am Community Member, 5 Posts


im working with silverstripe 2.4.5 and and the latest trunk of blog module and have the same problem with blogtree. i get error 404 if i select a date from the archive-widget. after reading the entries from losqualo i udated all other modules (userforms, spamprotection, recapcha .. ) but had not the same results. it still is not working.

the url seems ok to me: /blogtreename/date/2011/03 , because it is similar to the blogholder: blogholdername/date/2011/03

i hope somebody has an idea what i can check/do/replace.



16 July 2011 at 11:53am Community Member, 16 Posts

Basically add 'date' to BlogTree_Controller's $allowed_actions