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How to return multiple related tags?


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25 May 2011 at 6:32am (Last edited: 26 May 2011 7:10am), Community Member, 116 Posts

Unlike the tag could widget which creates links based on a single tag, I'm trying to return entries based on all/each tags of a post.

If I use a function like this, I only get entries that match the entire tag string.

function GetTags(){
   return DataObject::get('BlogEntry',"Tags = '$this->Tags'",'','','');

What I want to return is all entries that share each of {$this->Tags}.

So if my entry is tagged (Chicken, BBQ, Summer) I want to return not just entries tagged 'Chicken, BBQ, Summer', but all entries tagged with Chicken and/or BBQ and/or Summer.

I assume my syntax Tags = {$this->Tags} is the issue. I probably need to bust apart $this->Tags into individual tags and return those, but I do not know the SQL syntax to say 'where one tag is x and one tag is y and one tag is z...'

Any guidance is greatly appreciated.



26 May 2011 at 1:08pm Community Member, 116 Posts

This is as close as I can get. I'm using $relatedLink = "Tags ='000'"; to start off the SQL since my foreach() is returning "OR Tags LIKE..."

"000" should return nothing. I can't believe that's a great way to do this, but I can live with it.

The only thing I can't figure out is how to remove the current entry page from the results.

class ExtendedEntry_Controller extends BlogEntry_Controller {
function GetAllRelTags(){
   $theseTags = "$this->Tags";
   $eachTag = explode(',',$theseTags);
   $relatedLink = "Tags ='000'";
   foreach($eachTag as $relatedTag) {
      $relatedLink.= " OR Tags LIKE '%".$relatedTag."%' ";
   return DataObject::get('BlogEntry',$relatedLink,'','','');