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Template i18n


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Henk Poley

30 March 2009 at 2:34am (Last edited: 30 March 2009 10:53am), 30 Posts

Somehow the translation of the blog templates doesn't work. I do have the files in blog/lang/*.php, and they contain the right references to the templates. But everybody sees the blog controls in English. Our CMS is still translated, so it doesn't seem to be a global problem.

Anybody knows what's going on?

Henk Poley

30 March 2009 at 10:57am 30 Posts

Or is there some sort of override to always use nl_NL i18n? Basically all my traffic is Dutch anyways.

Henk Poley

31 March 2009 at 1:07am 30 Posts

How I fixed it..

Part 1:
Old tutorials apparenly only wrote about enable(), set_default_lang() and using 'nl'. Full code for in mysite/_config.php

// Enable Translations

Part 2:
This also needs a lot of extra language files and strings for your widgets.

Henk Poley

31 March 2009 at 3:17am (Last edited: 31 March 2009 3:35am), 30 Posts

Part 3:
A patch that fixes included (<% include .. %>) templates source, so their i18n translation strings are sourced from the right namespace:


1 May 2009 at 6:08pm (Last edited: 1 May 2009 6:11pm), Community Member, 127 Posts

Thanks Henk, I should have seen that before I patched all the templates concerned and added the "identifier>.ss." to the "_t(<i18n-name>, <string>)" calls.

Testing and including your patch as fast as possible in the released version is a must for SS if they care about the International - non English speaking country - users. Most normal users will not be able to fix this, or workaround, and then it is a showstopper.