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Customising the CMS

Content from superclass




21 February 2010 at 1:17am (Last edited: 21 February 2010 4:26am), Community Member, 14 Posts

Hi SilverStripers,

guess i need to describe my site-structur first to make things clear:

control: i have 3 classes called packageA, packageB, packageC which sublass von Package. Package subclasses Page.

view: has the template element $Content while is in layout folder and just inherits from PackagePage making some style changes without using template vars.

In the backend i create one content page for every package (A,B,C) which should be used as content for other pages.

Now i have 6 items which should use packageA, packageB, packageC but need to have different meta-data/different url and different headlines and prices.This makes a total of 18 pages. The different headlines/prices are shown by images inside the template using $URLSegment.

I made a class ItemA which sublusses from PackageA (same for B/C) to re-use it's template code.

ItemAPage_Controller has this method:

   public function PackageAPage(){
    return DataObject::get_one('PackageAPage');
   } uses this template:


Instead of the content for PackageA i get the content of itemA. How can i get the content of PackageA instead?

<EDIT> when i use return DatObject::get_one('Page') i am able to see it's content using the template code from above... This seems like an inherit problem.</EDIT>

<EDIT>ItemA/B/C inherit now from Page. ItemA.SS has now full template of PackageA.SS with minor changes ($ItemA.Content instead of $Content)</EDIT>

But i am still wondering about what caused my problem...

kind Regards