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Customising the CMS

customising content in template


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1 March 2010 at 3:01am (Last edited: 1 March 2010 3:02am), Community Member, 14 Posts

Hey Silverstripers,

I want to $URLSegment to be display inside pages content. I followed instructions from [url][/url].

My page controller has this method:

   function Content() {
          return str_replace('$myURLSegment', $this->URLSegment, $this->Content);

This method should replace all appearance from $myURLSegment in Content (via TinyMCE) while rendered in the browser. But it doesn't.

UserForms does it like that:

    * Using $UserDefinedForm in the Content area of the page shows
    * where the form should be rendered into. If it does not exist
    * then default back to $Form
    * @return Array
   public function index() {
      if($this->Content && $form = $this->Form()) {
         $hasLocation = stristr($this->Content, '$UserDefinedForm');
         if($hasLocation) {
            $content = str_ireplace('$UserDefinedForm', $form->forTemplate(), $this->Content);
            return array(
               'Content' => $content,
               'Form' => ""
      return array(
         'Content' => $this->Content,
         'Form' => $this->Form

The function is not called Content() and an array is returned. And Idea how to make this content beeing displayed?

kind regards


5 March 2010 at 9:19am Community Member, 14 Posts


e.g. $form = $this->Form() to $form == $this->Form() ...??