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Customising the CMS /

SS_Report and SideReport : how to?


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6 June 2010 at 1:17am

I tried to create reports, but I don't see any of them.

class DBReport_AquistatiProducts extends SideReport {
   function title() {
      return "Prodotti Acquistati";
   function records() {
      return DataObject::get("Product", "Aquistato = 1", "Title");
   function fieldsToShow() {
      return array(
         "Title" => array("NestedTitle", array("2")),

and under mysite/code/reports

class CurrentOrdersReport extends SSReport {

Is there a guideline?
Thank you


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6 June 2010 at 11:49am

In 2.3 these would appear automatically after doing a ?flush=1. In 2.4 you now have to register the reports you want to include in the cms via this line of code in your _config file.

SS_Report::register("SideReport", "SideReport_NameOfReport");


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3 September 2010 at 6:04am

Hi Wilr,

I have a class that extends the SS_Report. And I have this module that saves the report in a PDF format, its called DOMPDF module. Now, the thing is I want to create a custom template to render the report. Is this possible? If it is indeed possible, how do I go through this?

Thanks in advance!


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11 March 2011 at 12:13pm

This seems to be horrendously underdocumented for something taking up a full tab in the CMS.
The only tutorial I can find is and that's completely out of date.

So what needs to be done to add a report for 2.4?
And is it SideReport or SS_Report now?


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15 September 2011 at 4:29am

Edited: 15/09/2011 4:40am

rwestera, I know I'm replying to a months old post and you've probably switched to Drupal by now, but for anyone else trying to do this...

This seems to be horrendously underdocumented for something taking up a full tab in the CMS.


If you use the code as documentation, then you have everything you need.

E.g. See cms/code/reports/BrokenLinksReport.php to see how to write a report. Search all php files for 'BrokenLinksReport' to see how it's utilised.

This report allows users to download a csv of all users in the newsletter group:

class UserReport extends SS_Report {

   function title() {
      return 'Users';

   function sourceRecords($params, $sort, $limit) {

      return DataObject::get(
            , "`Group`.`code`='newsletter'"
            , $sort
            , "inner join group_members on = group_members.MemberId inner join `group` on group_members.GroupId = `group`.id"
            , $limit

   function columns() {

      $fields = array(
          'FirstName' => array(
               'title' => 'First name'
         , 'Surname' => array(
               'title' => 'Surname'
         , 'Email' => array(
               'title' => 'Email'

      return $fields;


To register a report in the CMS 'Reports' tab...

SS_Report::register('ReportAdmin', 'UserReport', -19);

I guess the number at the end determines the order they are shown in the menu.

I think...

SS_Report::register("SideReport", "SideReport_NameOfReport"); for reports that appear on the pages tab under 'Site Reports'.

Carbon Crayon

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11 October 2011 at 10:44am

There is now an up to date tutorial for adding reports here:

Hope that helps :)