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Customising the CMS

TreeMultiselectField with translated sitetree




10 January 2011 at 5:57am (Last edited: 10 January 2011 5:59am), Community Member, 83 Posts


i have a translated website in 4 languages:

Object::add_extension('SiteTree', 'Translatable');
Object::add_extension('SiteConfig', 'Translatable');

I also have a class for Teasers, just like this:

class Teaser extends DataObject {
public static $db = array('Text' => 'HTMLText');
public static $belongs_many_many = array('Pages' => 'Page');

The Teaserclass ist also multilanguage
Object::add_extension('Teaser', 'Translatable');

In Modeladmin i am editing all 4 languages of the teasers at once (each in a tab).

When I add a new teaser in Modeladmin I want to choose on which pages this teaser is shown.

Therefore I use:

$field_Pages_de = new TreeMultiselectField ('Pages', 'show on Pages', 'SiteTree');

But now my question :)
The SiteTree always shows the Sitetree of the default Language. How can I show the 4 sitetrees for each language?