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11 August 2011 at 2:43pm

Edited: 11/08/2011 2:47pm


I just thought this might be worth sharing. I created a media filter that parses the page content for any links to media files (such as .mp4, .m4v, .flv, etc.) and then automatically embeds a player.

This is just some very quick code that can be improved a lot and I might write a proper module/extension for this if I find the time, but so far it this seems to work well.

Put this into your Page class in /mysite/code/Page.php

function Content() {
   return $this->MediaFilter($this->Content);
function MediaFilterCallback($matches) {
   $mediaplayer_id = 'mediaplayer-'.md5($matches[2].$matches[3]);

   $output = $matches[0].'<br />';
   $output .= '<div id="'.$mediaplayer_id.'"></div>';
   $output .= '<script type="text/javascript">';
   $output .= "jwplayer('".$mediaplayer_id."').setup({";
   $output .= "'flashplayer': 'mediaplayer/player.swf',";
   $output .= "'image': 'mediaplayer/preview.jpg',";
   $output .= "'file': '".$matches[2].".".$matches[3]."',";
   $output .= "'controlbar': 'over',";
   $output .= "'duration': '34',";
   $output .= "'fullscreen': 'true',";
   $output .= "'screencolor': 'eeeeee',";
   $output .= "'stretching': 'uniform',";
   $output .= "'width': '540',";
   $output .= "'height': '405'";
   $output .= "});";
   $output .= "</script>";
   return $output;

function MediaFilter($subject) {
   // links with the following file extensions will be replaced by an embedded player
   $search = '/<a(.*?)href=\"([^<]+)\.(m4v|mp4|mov|flv|3gp|3g2|mp3|aac|m4a)\"([^>]*)>(.*?)<\/a>/is';
   return preg_replace_callback($search,array('Page','MediaFilterCallback'),$subject);

Add this line into the <head> of your template file /themes/mytheme/templates/ :

<script type="text/javascript" src="mediaplayer/jwplayer.js"></script>

Then [url=]download the JWPlayer[/url] into your silverstripe directory, unzip and name the downloaded folder "mediaplayer".

Done. All code should now get parsed for media links and be replaced by an embedded media player.

As I said this could still be improved a lot, i.e. create a proper module with a config file for file types and player configuration, Requirements::javascript, etc. I'll post this if I get around to do that.