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ModelAdmin Gridfield autocomplete filtering


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23 April 2013 at 12:03am Community Member, 20 Posts

I'm building a multi language site with the Sapphire framework and I'm trying not to bother the editors with content from others languages. Now I came across a little problem:

What I have:
Articles which have many tags (many_many) and the tags belong to many articles (belongs_many_many).
Also each tag has a language property.

My Problem:
In the ModelAdmins Gridfield autocomplete all tags are listed, also from other languages. The canView function seems to be ignored here.

Is there a way to show only elements matching the Members locale?


23 April 2013 at 3:38am (Last edited: 23 April 2013 3:38am), Community Member, 20 Posts

Solved it for now, but I'm not really happy because I had to edit a core file.
I altered the doSearch function in the class GridFieldAddExisitngAutocomplete.php on line 207 :

foreach($results as $result) {
if ( ! $result->canView()) continue;
$json[$result->ID] = SSViewer::fromString($this->resultsFormat)->process($result);

I hope to find another (update-safe) method to filter the results.