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Customising the CMS

Sending Response after Publish




19 December 2013 at 10:13pm (Last edited: 19 December 2013 10:13pm), Community Member, 59 Posts


in a page type extending SiteTree I am overwriting doPublish() to perform some checks before and then decide wether to publish or not. Now I am looking for a way to get a message back to the user if publishing was blocked. Even I searched for two days now I only found the manipulation of the response description yet, which is displayed as a black, fading message box. This would be fine for me, but customer finds it not "alerting" enough, so I am urgently looking for a way, to send any custom HTML / Javascript signal.

See the Code, might explain it better:

public function doPublish() {
   if ( check_something() ) {
      #this works fine, but isn't enough
      Controller::curr()->getResponse()->setStatusCode(500, 'Not Published!');
      # here i would like to send any HTML / javascript signal back to the CMS admin ui.
      return false;
   return true;

I would be very happy for any hint or idea!

I wish you nice holidays,