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Customising the CMS

lost index file


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9 June 2009 at 11:44pm Community Member, 19 Posts

Hi I have been updating a template to customise, and i flushed the cache and lost my entry page. If I type in i get my home page, but if i type in i have no home page, what have i done. ???

as you can see i am trying to customise the black candy theme.

I am also trying to get the navigation to go down the page rather than across the page. Can anyone help me.

The template i downloaded (blackcandy) has some different code than in the build a basic site instructions. need a bit of help.


10 June 2009 at 9:58am Community Member, 215 Posts

Hi there, easy fix - in the CMS click on the metadata tap for the homepage and change the URL snippet to 'home' instead of 'home-2'.

The navigation can be a bit trickier if you're not to familiar with html/css, you may want to try having a look at a theme which already has vertical navigation to see what CSS they used to make it vertical.


10 June 2009 at 9:54pm Community Member, 19 Posts

wow thanks that was an easy fix. your a gem. as for the navigationk, yes i have had a look at another theme, but the css is written different that the css in the black candy. i guess i will have to keep hunting. unless you have another suggestion. have made a few more changes and things are coming together. however, i am a little slow.


10 June 2009 at 10:53pm Community Member, 19 Posts

here are the two files concerned, i want to change the navigation of home etc to vertical and left of content, and also keep the icons navigation at the top right but add links to it.
thanks for the help you gave before, by the way. :-)

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17 June 2009 at 10:50pm Community Member, 19 Posts

can anyone help me regarding my css and html, to fix the navigation?? please.