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Editing Nickname via Backend


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24 June 2009 at 4:15am

I want to edit the members nicknames via the backend. By default only username, Email and password can be edited. My problem behind this: One of my members registered with a nickname that starts with an "$". When the templateparser processes a code where this nickname appears in, a fatal error occurs.

Thanks for your help.


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24 June 2009 at 9:06am

First of all, that is an interesting bug. Could you post the piece of the template that displays the nickname? There is no good reason why a name beginning with $ should fail.

Second of all, to do it without modifying any core files, you'll need to decorate the member object.

see: [url][/url]

Just read the Modifying CMS Fields section, this will show you how to augment an existing object so you can change the cms fields.

eg, in your member decorator:

public function updateCMSFields(FieldSet &$fields) {
$fields->push(new TextField('Nickname', 'Nickname'));


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24 June 2009 at 4:28pm

Hello Hamish,

I get the following error message:

XML-Verarbeitungsfehler: nicht wohlgeformt
Zeile Nr. 84, Spalte 220:         <div id="ToID" class="field dropdown "><label class="left" for="Form_PostMessageForm_ToID">Empfänger wählen:</label><div class="middleColumn"><select id="Form_PostMessageForm_ToID" name="ToID"><option value="41">$M&M$</option><option value="21">$Marcel Cool$</option><option value="5">abdullah</option><option value="12">Anni :-)</option><option value="14">assassine</option><option value="29">Bärbel</option><option value="25">Cedi</option><option value="18">chidi</option><option value="24">Clarinette</option><option value="35">Das rebbhuhn</option><option value="26">esig</option><option value="40">Hanna Montana</option><option value="2">Hannes</option><option value="20">Jacobsisters</option><option value="13">janachen =)</option><option value="16">krisi</option><option value="15">larsi</option><option value="30">lenchen</option><option value="28">leni</option><option value="38">Lilli</option><option value="11">Love soccer :-P</option><option value="6">Lucky strike</option><option value="10">Marie :-)</option><option value="22">mausi</option><option value="9">melly </option><option value="1">Mister L</option><option value="34">mori</option><option value="27">Nessi</option><option value="31">PapaMT</option><option value="7">paul</option><option value="37">Pauli</option><option value="3">Räuber</option><option value="23">Renner</option><option value="19">Saibot</option><option value="8">skater@lex:)</option><option value="32">Test</option><option value="39">test1</option><option value="4">tester</option><option value="17">testerer</option><option value="36">The Devil</option><option value="33">vani</option></select></div></div>

Here is the template that displays the nickname:

<% _t('MESSAGES_TO', 'You can send messages to registered users.') %>
<p><a href="$Link"><% _t('INBOX', 'inbox') %></a></p>

This is the method "PostMessageForm":

   function PostMessageForm() {
//Nicknames of all members is passed into an array
      $members = DataObject::get("Member", "", "Nickname");
      $allMembers = array();
      foreach($members as $member) {
         $allMembers[$member->ID] = "$member->Nickname";
      $me = Member::currentUser();
      return new Form($this, "PostMessageForm", new FieldSet(
         new ReadonlyField("From", _t('PrivateMessagePage.FROM', 'From'), "$me->Nickname"),
         new DropdownField("ToID", _t('PrivateMessagePage.CHOOSERECEIVER', 'Choose receiver:'), $allMembers),
         new TextField("Subject", _t('PrivateMessagePage.SUBJECT', 'Subject')),
         new TextareaField("Body", _t('PrivateMessagePage.TEXT', 'Text'))

new FieldSet(
new FormAction("doPostMessage", _t('PrivateMessagePage.SUBMIT', 'submit'))
//Required fields are named inside the array. Without subject messages can´t be red.
new RequiredFields(array('Subject', 'Body'))


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28 June 2009 at 2:53am

I have a similar error again. A user registered with a nickname that has an "&". His profile throws an exeption, the template doesn´t render right.