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Customising the CMS

2.3.3. multilingual problem (java script parse error)

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18 September 2009 at 3:55am Community Member, 11 Posts


I have an important question to my multilingual problem in silverstripe 2.3.3. I put this code in my _config.php.


After that I logged my in the Backend. Now I had a Setup Box with German and English. I tryed the English CMS and I made some categories and so on. It seems to work. But later I had some new Buttons in there and I can delete them. It always says Java script parse error. Picture Attached!!!

1. What is to do that I get my CMS in 2 languages?
Can I use this threat? But I have the Problem with categories???

2. How can I delete this categories?
3. It is possible to delete the whole English part?

Please explain me what is to do! Thx from Germany...

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27 September 2009 at 4:49pm Forum Moderator, 801 Posts

> But later I had some new Buttons in there and I can delete them.
What buttons? Did you overload getCMSFields()?

> It always says Java script parse error.
That doesnt give us much. Please download and tell us the ajax response output.


28 September 2009 at 5:32am Community Member, 11 Posts

Hi Ingo,

I have to explain better. When I do a dev/build I get in my English CMS always a new Category. It meens the CMS generate always a new page not found side. I want to delete that but that is in the English CMS not possible only in the German. I always get a Javascript Parse error.
I read that is a bug in silverstripe, I found this threat and I tried it. That is not working for me. Did you have a solution.

Another question is I want to try new sidetypes in my English CMS, Because in the English Frontend the SIdebar is in German etc. I want to translate that in English. I think that is not possible?

thx for your help...


28 September 2009 at 8:28am Forum Moderator, 801 Posts

The bug you're referring to is about batch actions - did you try to apply those? The parse error can mean anything, we really need the actual error output from the ajax response.


7 October 2009 at 1:25am Community Member, 11 Posts

Hello Ingo,

thank you for your help. In my first steps I translated the german to the english pages. That works but I can't change sidetypes. damn. somebody told me that is not possible.

Thats why I decided to do new pages for my english sidetypes. Because I need that why my english website has an english sidebar and many other things which depends form the english layout.

the main big problem is that I don't delete any category in the english backend. I also can not unpublish the category (english backend).

I installed me firebug on mozilla, which information do you need for helping me?

thx ingo


7 October 2009 at 8:51am Community Member, 127 Posts


try changing the lines concerning Translatable in your _config.php to this:

Object::add_extension('SiteTree', 'Translatable');
$allowed_locales = array(


7 October 2009 at 9:27pm Community Member, 11 Posts

Thx Kalileo for your help. I put this code in my _config.php

//making silverstripe multilinugal
Object::add_extension('SiteTree', 'Translatable');
//set default language
$allowed_locales = array(


After that I have only 2 languages in my set up box (Backend).
But I have the same problem I can't delete or unpublish artikles or pages in the english backend.



7 October 2009 at 9:44pm (Last edited: 7 October 2009 9:46pm), Community Member, 21 Posts

i had the some problem once, see [url=] posting[/url];
as a workaround you could use the buttons "Unpublish" or "Delete from draft site" and not the batch-actions;

but the patch from ticket [url=]4442[/url] resolved the problem with the batch-actions in my case;
you should also apply the patch from ticket [url=]4420[/url] to have a "correct" labelling of the batch-actions;

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