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Customising the CMS

Change url appearance


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Jesse B.

21 August 2010 at 11:14pm Community Member, 2 Posts

Thanks zenmonkey, I have thought of the 301 option.

I guess what Im looking for is a way to implement url aliasing.

for instance as I understand it, in drupal a url has an internal name of "node-1", and can be assigned an alias such as "category/sub-page.htm" which then is populated to all internal links, although the internal name "node-1" is retained. Then if you at some point change it to "new-name-of-category/new-name.htm" it just works because the internal name was always "node-1" and you only changed the alias.

Is ther anyway to do something like this with silverstripe, for instance by building a new module for it, or is the issue that silverstripe does not use this seperation of machine name and human readable name, so aliasing is impossible?


24 August 2010 at 6:47am Community Member, 528 Posts

You'd have to overload the Director which controls URL re-writes. Technically the system already parses the URL to convert it from a human/seo readable for to a system object.

I've never tried to overload a core method beyond some login forms and cms actions. I don't know where to point you to for help beyond te above documentation

Good Luck