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Data Model Questions

Translation Relationship between pages, parents and children




6 June 2010 at 11:57am (Last edited: 6 June 2010 11:59am), Community Member, 33 Posts

Hi there,

please take a look at my image i attached, first. ;) It will make my text understandable.

I have following situation. My site structure is like in the image shown and what i need is something of a bit more sophisticated TranslationGroupID function.

I have to display a overview off all available SubCategories on my MainCategory page. With each SubCategory I want to display the 5 (or more) latest Projects in that SubCategory. (on the MainCategory page)
On my SubCategory Page i want to list all Projects from this SubCategory.

So far so good. (I managed that, but now comes the tricky part: *drum rolls* Multilanguage!)

First: I dont know how many SubCategories the final Website will have.
Secound: I dont know in which languages the Projects will be saved/created! (So I dont really have something like a "default-language")

I need a solution to display ALL projects, no matter what languages they have and what language my visitor has currently selected.

For example: There will be Projects which are just in German and... lets say: Spanish. A english user, or someone who selected english as language WONT see those projects and thats...well... not good for my client/myself xD

So i need something like a fallback: if this project doesnt have the currently language as translation then display the link with additional informations like: "this project is available in: 'English', 'Spanish' <- the languages it HAS a translation of...

I managed to pull the projects from the vanilla database on the SubCategory Level BUT with a lot of aweful database and dataobject raping... on the MainCategory Level it wont work at all.

Are there functions in silverstripe i have overseen or do i have to set up relationships between the projects and their "language siblings"? And if i have to: how?`How do i dynamicly write something like a "internationalID" to the database and update/check that ID when the project gets translated via translatables....

i hope this makes any sense at all.

Any help would be appreciated :)


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