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GoogleSiteMap change Locale




9 June 2010 at 9:46am (Last edited: 9 June 2010 10:41am), Community Member, 180 Posts


i have site in 8 languages
how to modify GoogleSiteMap to create map for each language ?

in GoogleSiteMap.php there is a code

      $filter = '';
      $bt = defined('DB::USE_ANSI_SQL') ? "\"" : "`";
      if(self::$use_show_in_search) {
         $filter = "{$bt}ShowInSearch{$bt} = 1";
      $this->Pages = Versioned::get_by_stage('SiteTree', 'Live', $filter);

i tried to put
$filter = 'Locale = en_US'; -> doesnt work

$this->Pages = DataObject::get('SiteTree', "Locale == 'en_US'", '', '', '');
which gave me an error

[User Error] Couldn't run query: SELECT "SiteTree_Live"."ClassName", .....
"ErrorPage_Live" ON "ErrorPage_Live"."ID" = "SiteTree_Live"."ID" WHERE (Locale == 'en_US') AND ("SiteTree_Live"."Locale" = 'pl_PL') ORDER BY "Sort" Something is wrong in your syntax obok '== 'en_US') AND ("SiteTree_Live"."Locale" = 'pl_PL') ORDER BY "Sort"' w linii 1

so i put:
Locale = 'en_US'

and now the SQL Query is searching pages which are satisfing the conditions Locale = 'en_US' AND "Locale" = 'pl_PL' but it is always false

how to change this conditions "Locale" = 'pl_PL' to other Locale ?


there was a problem with Translatable::set_default_locale in _config.php