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Possible bug in DataObject::get_one


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1 July 2010 at 8:29am

Edited: 01/07/2010 8:30am

I am quite new to SS but I do believe that this time the problem is not completely in me.

I am trying to get a record from the database and load it into an object, the syntax looks like this:

if ($confirmKey = DataObject::get_one("ConfirmationCode", "ID = ".$member->ConfirmCodeID)) {
//confirmation is found, try to output it's data!
die(print_r($confirmKey, true));
else {
not found error message

The code actually goes to the first branch (which I believe means that the record is located) but the $confirmKey only contains empty/brand new ConfirmationCode object!
Output of that die method yields this:

ConfirmationCode Object (
[destroyed] =>
[record:protected] => Array (
[ID] => 0 [ClassName] => ConfirmationCode
[RecordClassName] => ConfirmationCode
[changed:DataObject:private] => Array ( )
[original:protected] => Array ( [ID] => 0
[ClassName] => ConfirmationCode
[RecordClassName] => ConfirmationCode )
[components:protected] =>
[brokenOnDelete:protected] =>
[brokenOnWrite:protected] =>
[componentCache:protected] =>
[iteratorPos:protected] =>
[iteratorTotalItems:protected] =>
[failover:protected] =>
[customisedObject:protected] =>
[objCache:ViewableData:private] => Array ( )
[class] => ConfirmationCode [extension_instances:protected] => Array ( )

What is the problem? I am getting desperate... same result when using get_by_id


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11 July 2010 at 9:06pm

Did you check the database table if the properties are set?


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13 July 2010 at 9:24am


Can you pass false to the third parameter of DataObject::get_one and see if that makes any difference? This will prevent get_one from using its cache, and force load from the database.