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Access a $db-field in Parent page of Page with DataObject and saving images to custom folder in 2.4




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1 August 2010 at 5:49pm

Edited: 01/08/2010 5:53pm

Hi guys. I have a "holder" page that is holding subpages, one of which is a simple one album gallery. I have an AssetFolder field in the $db of the holder page to name the subfolder in /assets that all the files from any subpage upload will be stored in. I am trying to setup an AlbumImage class, that would save in the /assets/AssetFolder/images class, for example.

Firstly, I would like to know how to access the AssetFolder from my class if the tree is like this:

Holder > OneAlbumGallery Page > Dataobject (AlbumImage)

class AlbumImage extends DataObject {
   static $db = array(
      'Name' => 'Text',
      'Description' => 'Text',
   static $has_one = array (
      'File' => 'Image',
      'Page' => 'OneAlbumGallery'
   function getCMSFields_forPopup() {
      //$assetFolder = $this->Page->Parent->AssetFolder();
      return new FieldSet(
         new TextField('Name'),
         new TextareaField('Description'),
         new SimpleImageField('File','Select image',null,null,null,$assetFolder.'/images')

Secondly, it seems that even if I enter the correct AssetFolder by hand in the code above, the images are still saved in the Uploads. I thought this had been resolved in 2.4? Maybe I'm using the wrong syntax?