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Data Model Questions

Email bounce handlers


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26 July 2010 at 1:41pm Community Member, 54 Posts


I have built a site that sends out lots of emails to various lists, and am wanting to implement proper bounce handling.

I see there is an Email_Bouncehandler class, but it doesn't have much documentation.

Can someone please give me some pointers as to generally how I'd set up this sort of functionality? Would I create a separate mailbox and poll it? Or is it possible for a mail system to bounce back to a url?

Cheers, Al


26 November 2010 at 2:24pm Community Member, 29 Posts

I'm also curious about this, shame no one has replied yet.

In the newsletter module the bounce 'detection' doesn't seem to do anything, any pointers on how to set it up to work properly?



7 August 2011 at 11:04am Community Member, 9 Posts

Anyone? I desperately want to know the answers from SilverStripe experts.


7 August 2011 at 11:45pm Community Member, 288 Posts

Ok so you can actually set the bounce handler when sending your emails, it's fifth argument when you construct a new Email. The bounce handler in this case is just a controller (check the code in sapphire/email/Email.php) which gets the data sent back to it. I'm no Email expert so I don't know how a bounce actually works but if you subclass Email_BounceHandler then that class will be used automatically instead.

Actually when googling it I found [url=]this[/url]. It seems to be what you guys need.


26 January 2013 at 4:58am Community Member, 243 Posts

Just a note that the link in the last comment has broken and moved to: