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modify search engine


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21 December 2010 at 4:13am

Edited: 21/12/2010 4:19am


I'm tring to mofidy search engine to add other fields

I have "Product" page with fields: 'content' and 'technical information'

first i added Product to classesToSearch in SearchForm action

function SearchForm() {

$searchText = isset($this->Query) ? $this->Query : 'Znajdź produkt';
$fields = new FieldSet(
new TextField("Search", "", $searchText)
$actions = new FieldSet(
new FormAction('results', 'szukaj')

$form = new SearchForm($this, "SearchForm", $fields, $actions);
$form->classesToSearch(array('SiteTree', 'Product'));

return $form;

next modified SearchForm.php like that:

    * Classes to search
   protected $classesToSearch = array("SiteTree", "Product", "File");

function classesToSearch($classes) {
$illegalClasses = array_diff($classes, array('SiteTree', 'Product', 'File'));
$legalClasses = array_intersect($classes, array('SiteTree', 'Product', 'File'));

public function searchEngine(..............) {
$extraFilters = array('SiteTree' => '', 'Product'=>'', 'File' => '');


if($keywords) {
$match['Product'] = "MATCH (Content, TechnicalInformation) AGAINST ('$keywords') AND ClassName = 'Product'";
$relevance['Product'] = "MATCH (Content, TechnicalInformation) AGAINST ('$relevanceKeywords' IN BOOLEAN MODE)";

    // Generate initial queries and base table names
    $baseClasses = array('SiteTree' => '', 'Product'=>'', 'File' => '');

foreach($this->classesToSearch as $class) {
$baseClasses['Product'] = '`Product_live`';

    // Make column selection lists
    $select = array(
'Product' => array("ClassName", "$baseClasses[Product].ID","_utf8'' AS ParentID","Content","TechnicalInformation", "$relevance[Product] AS Relevance", "NULL AS CanViewType"),

foreach($queries as $query) {
      $querySQLs[] = $query->sql();
      //$totalCount += $query->unlimitedRowCount(); (comented)


and i don't know why but i get error

[User Error] Couldn't run query: SELECT ClassName, `Product_live`.ID, _utf8'' AS ParentID, Content,TechnicalInformation, MATCH (Content,TechnicalInformation) AGAINST ('something' IN BOOLEAN MODE) AS Relevance, NULL AS CanViewType FROM `Product_live` WHERE (MATCH (Content,TechnicalInformation) AGAINST ('something*') AND ClassName = 'Product') AND (`SiteTree_Live`.ClassName IN ('Product')) ORDER BY Relevance DESC LIMIT 0, 10 Unknown column 'SiteTree_Live.ClassName' in 'where clause'

what is this 'AND (`SiteTree_Live`.ClassName IN ('Product'))' and how to fix it ?


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4 March 2011 at 11:31pm

hello do you solve the problem and if the answer is yes, please write how do you modify search engine!

with regards