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Data Model Questions

Missing tables in Test Database


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22 December 2010 at 11:50pm (Last edited: 23 December 2010 1:11am), Community Member, 2 Posts


I have a problem with testing and fixtures. The message says:

Couldn't run query:
INSERT INTO "ProductSearchServiceConfigurationItem" ("Name", "Value") VALUES ('user', 'foo123')

Table 'tmpdb1796961.ProductSearchServiceConfigurationItem' doesn't exist

ProductSearchServiceConfigurationItem is a custom DataObject introduced in the module I want to test. I ran /dev/build and in the production database the table exists but obviously SaphireTest does not create the corresponding table in the tmp database.

Is there anything I missed to set up?

If it helps, here is the code of the class:

class ProductSearchServiceConfigurationItem extends DataObject
   static $db = array('Name' => 'Varchar',
    'Value' => 'Varchar'
   static $has_one = array('SearchService' => 'ProductSearchService');

   public function getCMSFields()
      $fields = new FieldSet(new TextField('Name', 'Name'),
       new TextField('Value', 'Value')
      return $fields;

and the relevant part of the fixture file:

      Name: user
      Value: foo123

Edit: It is getting stranger the more i try...

?debugmanifest=1 appended to the test case URL shows that the classes are correctly defined in the manifest

'productsearchservice' => '/var/www/[...]/code/ProductSearchService.php',
'productsearchserviceconfigurationitem' => '/var/www/[...]/code/ProductSearchServiceConfigurationItem.php',

but if I try to autoload them with this code at the beginning of the test case file:

class_exists('ProductSearchService') or die('class ProductSearchService not found');
class_exists('ProductSearchServiceConfigurationItem') or die('class ProductSearchServiceConfigurationItem not found');

it fails:

class ProductSearchService not found

Edit 2: okay, debugmanifest does not show the manifest actually used by the tests... I added these lines to the test case file:

echo '<pre>';

and got

[Notice] Undefined index: productsearchservice

The same goes with $_ALL_CLASSES

now how can I influence the test manifest?


23 December 2010 at 1:57pm Community Member, 60 Posts

hi fab-s,

all you need to do is dev/build?flush=all. to be on the safe side you could empty your cache folder manually. how does your test look like? does that error give you a backtrace?




23 December 2010 at 11:45pm Community Member, 2 Posts

Thank you very much Andy, emptying the cache folder did the trick! Sometimes the solution is just too easy...

Cheers and Merry Christmas