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Unable to save ManyManyComplexTableField selections on new ModelAdmin controlled DataObject, until first save


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14 April 2011 at 9:01pm Community Member, 6 Posts

I’ve got a model admin setup in 2.4.0 (and 2.4.5) and an object (BeverageGroup) has a ManyManyComplexTableField to BeverageItem.

I’ve created a bunch of BeverageItems and go to create an BeverageGroup. I fill in the direct fields in BeverageGroup OK but when I check a few BeverageItems and click 'Add' the BeverageItems don’t stick.

I check them again and click 'Save' and they stick.

I’ve included a stripped down module which shows the issue.

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18 April 2011 at 7:02am Forum Moderator, 1796 Posts


You are probably best using something like this...

here is some more...


18 April 2011 at 8:19pm Community Member, 6 Posts

Thanks Swaiba, however this looks to be a bug in the way the field works, unfortunately this module is not suitabel in this instance if I wish to keep the edit options available.

Since this post I've noticed in the datobject_manager module it shows a message stating that you can't make additions until the item is saved for the first time, and I believe unless my code is wrong, that this is a UI bug?