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SS3 Checking DataObject in onBeforeWrite()




27 June 2012 at 3:07am Community Member, 528 Posts

I'm going through Aram's DataObjectAsPage Tutorial, the module is isn't SS3 compatible so I figured I go through the tutorial and make the needed SS3 changes as I go. In the onBeforeWrite it checks for existing DataObjects with same URLSegment. However upgrading the query to the new ORM seems to cause a timeout (the function that times out seems to change with each execution).

here is the existing code

//Set URLSegment to be unique on write
function onBeforeWrite()
// If there is no URLSegment set, generate one from Title
if((!$this->URLSegment || $this->URLSegment == 'new-item') && $this->Name != 'New Item')
$this->URLSegment = SiteTree::generateURLSegment($this->Name);
else if($this->isChanged('URLSegment'))
// Make sure the URLSegment is valid for use in a URL
$segment = preg_replace('/[^A-Za-z0-9]+/','-',$this->URLSegment);
$segment = preg_replace('/-+/','-',$segment);

// If after sanitising there is no URLSegment, give it a reasonable default
if(!$segment) {
$segment = "product-$this->ID";
$this->URLSegment = $segment;

// Ensure that this object has a non-conflicting URLSegment value.
$count = 2;
$this->URLSegment = preg_replace('/-[0-9]+$/', null, $this->URLSegment) . '-' . $count;


//Test whether the URLSegment exists already on another Product
function LookForExistingURLSegment($URLSegment)
   return (DataObject::get_one('ConsignmentItem', "URLSegment = '" . $URLSegment ."' AND ID != " . $this->ID));


It works as is, as soon as I try to modify the LookForExistingIRLSegment function to the new ORM it dies. I assume this is because of the execution pipeline (There is no ID yet). Just wondering how I can replicate this functionality without worrying about using depreciated functions