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Data Model Questions

The method 'getviewer' does not exist on 'PaginatedList'


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6 December 2012 at 1:39am (Last edited: 6 December 2012 11:24pm), Community Member, 95 Posts

I want to be able to filter a paginated list based on passed params.
eg filter buy Area, category ..etc
if i go directly to the page i do not get an error.

class EstateCategoryPage_Controller extends Page_Controller {
static $allowed_actions = array(

//do i need a routes.yml file
public static $url_handlers = array(
    'property//$Action/$ID/$EstateCategoryPageID' => 'EstateItemList'

function EstateItemList() {
   $Area = '%';
   $OfferStatus = 'FOR SALE';
   $ECatPageID = 30;
   /* test for retrival of QueryString
   $CatPageID = Controller::curr()->getRequest()->param('EstateCategoryPageID');
   //$CatPageID = $this->request->param('EstateCategoryPageID');
   //print query string
   //print_r($CatPageID); //yeap it works
    $buildfilter = EstateItem::get()->filter(array('Area:PartialMatch'=> $Area,'Active' => 1,'OfferStatus' => $OfferStatus));
    //fixes the page in pagination
    $PaginatedList = new PaginatedList($buildfilter,$this->request);
    return $PaginatedList;   

//comment i'm not actually doing any filtering yet from the passed steps!

}//end controller

If i go to the page and call a function to pass query string i get an error


error : The method 'getviewer' does not exist on 'PaginatedList'

i've looked at this ticket also

and tried

return $this->customise($PaginatedList)->renderWith('PropertyResults');

error : The method 'getviewer' does not exist on 'DataList'

return $this->customise($buildfilter)->renderWith('PropertyResults');

error : The method 'getviewer' does not exist on 'DataList'

// Please do not change the exception code number below.
661          throw new Exception("Object->__call(): the method '$method' does not exist on '$this->class'", 2175);

Line 661 in /home/hmyapp/public_html/framework/core/Object.php


8 December 2012 at 4:47pm Forum Moderator, 5511 Posts

You're trying to render a list directly using /EstateItemList/ in the browser which rather than returning an HTML template you've got it returning a List.

You should name your action and method *differently* or render the list into some template instead of returning it.

static $allowed_actions = array(

In your template then you would use <% loop EstateItemList %>

Make sure in your template you don't simply chuck $EstateItemList in as SilverStripe knows it's a list but not how you want to display it. You need to use <% loop %> to iterate over it.


11 December 2012 at 12:22am (Last edited: 21 December 2012 11:27pm), Community Member, 95 Posts

many thanks that worked.


I have
mysite > routes.yml
Name: myroutes
After: framework/routes#coreroutes
'property//$Action/$EstateCategoryPageID/$Area/$OfferStatus': 'EstateCategoryPage_Controller'

but this results in a error
[User Warning] popCurrent called on ModelAsController controller, but it wasn't at the top of the stack

basically i want to access more that the standard 2params of ID/OtherID
how i can use more than 2 params

for example:

I can get my app to work by doing