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Overloading getters in DataObject not working


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4 August 2013 at 2:48am (Last edited: 4 August 2013 2:50am), Community Member, 4 Posts

Calling $this->Property or $this->obj('Property') in DataObject overloaded method getProperty() results in [Notice] Undefined property: DataObject::$Property.

Interesting fact: Calling $this->Nonexistent (where Nonexistent is any undefined property) doesn't result in any Notice/Error whatsoever.


class News extends DataObject {
public static $db = Array(
'Title' => 'Text',
'Content' => 'HTMLText',

public function getTitle() {
Debug::dump($this->Content); //works fine as we are not in getContent() method
Debug::dump($this->AnythingUndefined); //doesn't cause any trouble, returns empty string
return $this->Title; //source of the problem

using SilverStripe 3.0.5


4 August 2013 at 8:07am Forum Moderator, 474 Posts

That is PHP protecting you from infinite recursion, since $this->Title would end up calling $this->getTitle(), which would access $this->Title and call $this->getTitle() and so in.

To get the actual value, use $this->getField('Title'); Likewise, in setTitle($value), you'd use $this->setField('Title', $value);


4 August 2013 at 12:02pm (Last edited: 4 August 2013 10:03pm), Community Member, 4 Posts

Thanks for the answer, it truly works, but it has a flaw. getField('Property') returns raw data, which means I can't do this for example:

public function getDate() {
return $this->getField('Date')->Day();

since the getField('Date') doesn't return object Date.

Nevertheless tutorial at (section Overloading) is misleading and should be corrected imo.