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Data Model Questions

Passing an array to a template


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12 June 2014 at 4:16am Community Member, 24 Posts

Guys - this is very simple - I have an array - see below. All I want to do is pass the data from the DB to a template and display it on the screen. Once I have understood how to do that I'll be away... The code below works fine in the controller - I can echo it - var_dump it you name it!!!

BUT I cannot get the stuff in a view - I just need someone to show me an example both in the controller and in the template.

public function getStudent()
      $members = Student::get()->where("\"Name\" = 'Sarah Berens'");

      foreach($members as $member)
       $data = array('Name' => $member->Name);


      //return $data;


I have thrashed around for hours trying to do this - poking and hoping - all sorts. But no good - Please help!! Thanks


12 June 2014 at 6:25am Community Member, 24 Posts

Right - cracked it! In case there is anybody else in a similar fix - here we go...


$students = new ArrayList();

foreach($members as $member)

$students->push((new ArrayData(array(
'File' => $member->Name

And for the view:

<% loop Student %>
<% end_loop %>

Can't believe it took me so long - but there we go... Hope it helps!