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Data Model Questions

Error when trying /dev/build with own Forms....


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8 September 2009 at 7:30pm Community Member, 8 Posts

Hello! After going through the basic tutorials, i tried to build my own Forms. But ran into the following error:


The page is rendered.

The code for my form:

class Feedback extends Page {
   static $db = array();
   static $has_one = array();

class Feedback_Controller extends Page_Controller
   function FeedbackForm() {
   //DropdownField Thema implementieren
   $source = array('Kritik' => 'Kritik', 'Anregungen' => 'Anregungen', 'Kommentare' => 'Kommentare');
   $ddfield = new DropdownField('Thema');
   $fields = new FieldSet(
         new TextField('Name'),
         new EmailField('EMAIL'),
         new TextField('Berufsbezeichnung'),
         new TextareaField($name="description", $title="Anregung", $rows=5, $cols=10, $value=""),
         new TextareaField($name="cusAdvantage", $title="Auf welche Weise wäre dieses Produktmerkmal für Sie vorteilhaft?", $rows=5, $cols=10, $value=""),
         new TextareaField($name="featureAlreadyExists", $title="Haben sie dieses Merkmal schon bei einem anderen Produkt gesehen? Wenn ja , wo?", $rows=5, $cols=10, $value=""),
         new CheckboxField($name="answer", $title="Möchten Sie eine Antwort auf ihre Anregung erhalten?"),
         new CheckboxField($name="newsletter", $title="Möchten Sie sich für den kostenlosen Newsletter eintragen?")
      $actions = new FieldSet(new FormAction('doSubmitFeedback','Abschicken'));
      return new Form($this, 'CustomerFeedback', $fields,    $actions);

   function doSubmitFeedback($data, $form) {
      $submitted = new FeedbackSubmission();


class FeedbackSubmission extends DataObject {
   static $db = array(
            'Name' => 'Text',
            'EMAIL' => 'Text',
            'Berufsbezeichnung' => 'Text',
            'Thema' => 'Text',
            'description' => 'Text',
            'cusAdvantage' => 'Text',
            'featureAlreadyExists' => 'Text',
            'answer' => 'Text',
            'newsletter' => 'Text'   
?> //located in /Templates/Layout and integrated in the from Tutorial 3

<div id="Content" class="typography">

Anything i did wrong?


8 September 2009 at 8:31pm Community Member, 8 Posts

Ok, problem solved... but now i have the next one.

The Tables at the database are created, but the formdata is not written into them.

Same code as above...


9 September 2009 at 1:58am Community Member, 8 Posts

Solved this one to...

the Form which i returned in "function FeedbackForm()" had a different name than the function itself and the template marker...