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DataObjectManager Module

Discuss the DataObjectManager module, and the related ImageGallery module.

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DataObjectManager with optional files


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2 August 2010 at 11:17pm (Last edited: 2 August 2010 11:17pm), Community Member, 15 Posts

Hey Guys,

Need a little help.

I want to use the DataObjectManager because I have a lot of text fields and NOT EVERTIME A FILE. Or is it possible to use the FileDataObjectManager with optional Fileupload?

Here is my code:


class DataLinks extends DataObject
   static $db = array (
      'Author' => 'Text',
      'Quote' => 'HTMLText'

   static $has_one = array (
      'DataLinks' => 'Links',
      'Attachment' => 'File',

   public function getCMSFields_forPopup()
      return new FieldSet(

         new TextField('Author'),
         new TextareaField('Quote'),
         new FileIFrameField('Attachment')

--------------------- and ------------------

class Links extends Page {

   static $has_many = array
   'DataLinkss' => 'DataLinks',

function getCMSFields() {
   $fields = parent::getCMSFields();
   $fields->addFieldToTab("Root.Content.Testimonials", new DataObjectManager(
         array('Date' => 'Date','Author'=>'Author','Quote' => 'Quote'),
   return $fields;

class Links_Controller extends Page_Controller {

Here is the error:
[User Error] Couldn't run query: SELECT "DataLinks"."ClassName", "DataLinks"."Created", "DataLinks"."LastEdited", "DataLinks"."Author", "DataLinks"."Quote", "DataLinks"."DataLinksID", "DataLinks"."AttachmentID", "DataLinks"."ID", CASE WHEN "DataLinks"."ClassName" IS NOT NULL THEN "DataLinks"."ClassName" ELSE 'DataLinks' END AS "RecordClassName" FROM "DataLinks" WHERE ((getCMSFields_forPopup) AND ("DataLinksID" = '100')) ORDER BY Created DESC LIMIT 10 OFFSET 0 Unknown column 'getCMSFields_forPopup' in 'where clause'

Plz help...


3 August 2010 at 1:02am 4085 Posts

Yeah, I ran into the same problem on a recent project, and I'm going to be adding in that feature to that FDOM has two action buttons -- "upload" and "add".. That way a user could provide an uploaded resource or just hit "Add" if they want to use an external link.


3 August 2010 at 1:27am Community Member, 15 Posts

hey thx for your anther... but i am not shure if i explained my problem the right way:

I want to use the nice DataObjectManager Module with the possibilty to add files. but not every entry has a file.

Do you have a solution for me?


4 August 2010 at 1:09pm 4085 Posts

Well you could always just use a regular DOM..