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DataObjectManager Module

Discuss the DataObjectManager module, and the related ImageGallery module.

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Uploadify HTTP Error

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10 December 2010 at 2:21pm Community Member, 14 Posts

hi im trying to use Uploadify and dom with the image gallery and keep getting an http error when i upload. it makes it to 100% and then go's red and say's "148812297_full.jpg (34.99KB) - HTTP Error". it maybe a path thing but i cant find where the path is set. can anyone help me with this


10 December 2010 at 6:02pm 4085 Posts

Use UploadifyField::show_debug(); and check the response from the server.

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12 December 2010 at 7:07pm Community Member, 14 Posts

thanks mate got it to work thanks for the help. is there any info out there on adding new gallery types


22 December 2010 at 5:00pm Community Member, 17 Posts

Hi i am having the same exact did you fix it?



22 January 2011 at 5:15pm (Last edited: 22 January 2011 5:26pm), Community Member, 30 Posts

Yes, I'm having that error as well on a fresh install of 2.4.4, uploadify-r534 and dataobject_manager-r535. Worked fine on my local system, just having issue with the (shared hosting) production server. I assume it's some sort of a permission issue?

I added UploadifyField::show_debug(); to mysite/_config (hope that was what you meant Uncle cheese), but didn't seem to show anything error-wise. Once I hit the 'continue' button, got the following message:

'Security token doesn't match, possible CSRF attack.'

I've got a lot of sites running on Silverstripe now but want to add some of the other modules like the Event Calendar that depends on Uploadify. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

NOTE: No other modules installed such as image gallery - this is just in the 'Files & Images' section of Admin.


22 January 2011 at 5:47pm Community Member, 30 Posts

Just used phpinfo() as a test regards my server setup. Both the local and master values of 'session.use_only_cookies' is set to off. Also went through and tried to make sure all of assets folder is read/writable. No change so far.


25 January 2011 at 11:33pm Community Member, 46 Posts

the same for me... it only show's debug information but no detailed error message.... it only does this on some files.....

How do you debug correctly?


26 January 2011 at 3:53am 4085 Posts

The only way to truly see the response is to packet sniff. I recommend Charles Provided your error reporting is turned on, that should tell you the message of the 500 error that's coming back.

If it's only some files, I suspect it's related to the file extension (see File::$allowed_extensions) or the file size (see upload_max_filesize and max_post_size in your php.ini).

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