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DataObjectManager Module

Discuss the DataObjectManager module, and the related ImageGallery module.

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Resolved [ Create page to display additional details field ]


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9 June 2011 at 4:39pm (Last edited: 9 June 2011 4:40pm), Community Member, 78 Posts

Hi There,

I am using FileDataObjectManager to create my Resources Page and announcement page.
Is it to possible to create another page to enable visitor to click and see more details for each resource.

On I just display a little information, I want them to click on title and direct to a new page which display only one record with all additional detail information.

Your I really appreciated.



class Resource extends DataObject {

static $db = array(
'Title' => 'Text',
'Description' => 'HTMLText',
'Date' => 'Date'
static $has_one = array(
'ResourcePage' => 'ResourcePage',
'ResourceFile' => 'File'
static $singular_name = "Resource";
static $plural_name = "Resources";

function getCMSFields() {
$fields = new FieldSet(
new TextField('Title', 'Title'),
new SimpleHTMLEditorField('Description', 'Description'),
new FileUploadField('ResourceFile', 'Addional Information'),
new DatePickerField('Date', 'Released Date')
return $fields;

class ResourcePage extends Page {

static $icon = "";
static $db = array();
static $has_one = array();
static $has_many = array(
'Resources' => 'Resource'
static $singular_name = "Resource Page";
static $plural_name = "Resource Pages";
function getCMSFields(){
$myfields = parent::getCMSFields();
$mytable = new FileDataObjectManager(
'Title' => 'Title',
'Description' => 'Description',
'Date' => 'Date'
$myfields->addFieldToTab('Root.Content.Resources', $mytable);
return $myfields;

class ResourcePage_Controller extends Page_Controller{



class ResourcePageHolder extends Page {

static $db = array();
static $allowed_children = array('RsourcePage');
static $singular_name = 'RsourcePage';
class ResourcePageHolder_Controller extends Page_Controller {


<div class="typography">
<% if Resources %>
<% control Resources %>
<div id="announcelist">
<li class="title"><b><a href="$Link">$Title</a></b></li>

<li class="details">
<a href="$ResourceFile.Link"><b>Download Detail</b></a>
<% if Date %>
<span class="listdate"> Expiry Date: $Date.Nice</span>

<% end_if %>

<% end_control %>
<% else %>
<p>There is no record.</p>
<% end_if %>


10 June 2011 at 4:12am 4085 Posts

This has been written up a number of times.. I'd probably start here:

SilverStripe tips, tutorials, screencasts and more:


10 June 2011 at 12:56pm Community Member, 78 Posts

Good morning,

I have been looking for this kind tutorial
I really appreciate your kindness advice and contribution.

My Best Regards,