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DataObjectManager Module

Discuss the DataObjectManager module, and the related ImageGallery module.

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Install/remove modules.. Site crashes and burns.




5 May 2012 at 8:37am Community Member, 3 Posts

Installed 2.4.7, worked through the tutorials, created a basic template and installed the forum without trouble. Then tried to install Diary, and this reported a missing dependency. Installed Calendar as it sounded as if this contained the dependency. Still neither worked, so removed both folders from the site root and did /dev/build?flush. Result: White screen of death when attempting to access admin area. Public pages still work.

Looking at the database, I see that the Diary and Calendar tables are still there. There are no file types with missing classes.

There is a 2010 post describing a very similar problem, and it looks like the bug still exists.

Debug output:

[User Error] Bad RecordClassName '' and $baseClass not set
GET \stripe\admin?flush=1

Line 2762 in stripe\sapphire\core\model\DataObject.php

2753       foreach($records as $record) {
2754          if(empty($record['RecordClassName'])) {
2755             $record['RecordClassName'] = $record['ClassName'];
2756          }
2757          if(class_exists($record['RecordClassName'])) {
2758             $results[] = new $record['RecordClassName']($record);
2759          } else {
2760             if(!$baseClass) {
2761                user_error("Bad RecordClassName '{$record['RecordClassName']}' and "
2762                   . "\$baseClass not set", E_USER_ERROR);
2763             } else if(!is_string($baseClass) || !class_exists($baseClass)) {
2764                user_error("Bad RecordClassName '{$record['RecordClassName']}' and bad "
2765                   . "\$baseClass '$baseClass not set", E_USER_ERROR);
2766             }
2767             $results[] = new $baseClass($record);
2768          }