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Query has_many from sibling page




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20 August 2014 at 4:18am

Hi, I am new to the Silverstripe way so this might be totally off the wall but...

I am trying to select and filter pages (SOURCE) based on a has_many property they have from a sibling page (QUERY) e.g.

   class HelpAnswer extends Page {
      private static $db = array();

      private static $has_many = array(
         'Taxonomy' => 'CategoryTag'
   class CategoryTag extends DataObject {
      static $db = array(
         'Category' => 'Varchar(50)',
         'Tag' => 'Varchar(15)'

      public static $has_one = array(
         'HelpAnswer' => 'HelpAnswer'

   class HelpTopic extends Page {
      static $db = array(
         'Category' => 'Varchar(50)'
   class HelpTopic_Controller extends Page_Controller {
      public function getAnswers($tag) {

I have tried things like the following but I haven't yet been able to get enough access across the dataObjects to pull the query together. Ultimately I am looking for the syntax magic I can sprinkle in at XXXXXXX in order to select all the Help_Answer pages that have the specified 'Category'. Further to this I would also like to group them by 'Tag'.

   $answers = $parent->Children(); // Works, but no filtering
   $answers = $parent->Children()->filter('ClassName','HelpAnswer'); // Works, but not enough filtering
   $answers = $parent->Children()->filter('Category', $this->Category); // Returns Records, not to requirement
   $answers = $parent->Children()->filter('Taxonomy.Category', $this->Category); // Error
   $answers = $parent->Children()->filter('ClassName','HelpAnswer')->filter('Taxonomy.Category', $this->Category); // Error