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DataObjectManager Module

Discuss the DataObjectManager module, and the related ImageGallery module.

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set max filesize for ImageGallery possible?

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29 June 2009 at 11:08pm Community Member, 131 Posts


My productionserver can't handle GD-imageresizing on large images (it's giving an error, and the only way to solve things is to delete the file manually through directAdmin, which is giving problems with the ImageGallery-db).

To overcome this problem, I would like to limit the maximum filesize for images uploaded with ImageGallery (or SWFUpload).
Is this possible and how?

BTW I found this line in the _config.php of SWFUpload:

'file_size_limit' => str_replace("M","MB",ini_get('upload_max_filesize')),

But changing it to for example str_replace("k","kB","500k") will affect all filetypes, and I would like to be able to upload some PDF's and mp3's that are bigger.


30 June 2009 at 1:39am 4085 Posts

Just add in your _config.php:



30 June 2009 at 1:56am (Last edited: 30 June 2009 1:59am), Community Member, 131 Posts

But... that's also a general rule, isn't it?

At least: adding it to image_gallery/_config.php didn't work
And in swfpload/_config.php the value appears to be used for all filetypes (also PDF and MP3 etc), so I guess it's just another way to say 'file_size_limit' => str_replace("k","kB","500k"),?

What I'm looking for is something to limit the filesize for specific filetypes, just like in FileField (line 24):

public $allowedMaxFileSize = array('*' => 3000000, 'jpg' => 400000, 'jpeg' => 400000, 'gif' => 400000, 'png' => 400000);


30 June 2009 at 2:10am 4085 Posts

Unfortunately that's beyond the capabilities of the SWFUpload right now. That would require expanding the Flash component itself, which is something I know nothing about, but you can put in a request at

The only solution that would come close to that is if you added the file_size_limit setting conditionally based on, say, the current controller, but that would be a catch-all solution for all files uploaded to that controller, not a per-file interrogation.


30 June 2009 at 2:47am Community Member, 131 Posts

OK, thanks.
I already was afraid that it was beyond the capabilities of SWFUpload.

Do you think it is possible to extend the SWFUpload module and reset the strict upload-limit?
In that way it would be possible to use SWFUpload for images and SWFUploadExtended for all other files.


30 June 2009 at 3:20am 4085 Posts

Well, again.. If the controller dictates the file types that are to be expected, then you can work around that.


if(Controller::curr()->class == "ImageGalleryManager") // could be wrong on that.. i'm not sure what the controller is of the popup window.
SWFUploadConfig::set_var('file_size_limit', '10M');


30 June 2009 at 12:50pm Community Member, 131 Posts


I've been trying something like this for some time now. Let me give you all an update:

1st: I guess SWFUploadConfig::set_var('file_size_limit', '10M'); should be in swfupload/_config.php, if it's placed in mysite/_config.php the upload uses the default file_size_limit that is set through line 10 of swfupload/_config.php.

2nd: It seems image-gallery has no active current controller (as the notification-message I got already indicated). Testing it with if(Controller::has_curr() == true) echo 'test'; doesn't echo anything, while if(Controller::has_curr() == false) echo 'test'; does... On the other hand, even Page.php doesn't seem to have an active current controller.

So... after all I'm ending up with the same situation (that's a bit too static for me).
I'm thinking about either extracting the file-extension of the uploaded file end using it in an if-statement (which seems to be tricky to setup, but very dynamical) or getting the classname of the pagetype and relate to that in the if-statement.

Maybe there is someone who has another idea?
Or the night will help my mysterious windows-machine to understand everything I feed it - that would be nice ;-)


1 July 2009 at 6:18am 4085 Posts

Interesting.. Well this raises a few issues. First, I always thought the mysite/_config.php was executed last, in order to give the user absolute override power. Turns out it runs first, which is pretty lousy. You should never have to modify the _config file of a module. When you upgrade, you'll lose your changes. What a pain. That's what the mysite/_config.php should be used for, but unfortunately, it's getting trumped by the module in this case.

Also, at the time of execution for _config.php, no controller has been loaded, so you're not able to sniff it out there. Annoying!

I wonder if there are any other hooks we can use to set that variable. I'll keep thinking about it some more..

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