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E-Commerce Modules

Discuss about the various e-commerce modules available:
Ecommerce, SS Shop, SilverCart and SwipeStripe
Alternatively, have a look the shared mailinglist.

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What is the current eCommerce module status?

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26 February 2010 at 11:07am (Last edited: 26 February 2010 11:18am), Community Member, 140 Posts

Several others have been asking this in various threads, but without a concrete answer. What is the current eCommerce module status? Is there a roadmap?

The E-commerce module is listed under "unsupported" which was explained as being due to the current release being incompatible with the latest Silverstripe. However, since then all of the eCommerce module's milestones have been deleted, and all of the support tickets are listed as "new."

So what's the status?



26 February 2010 at 12:17pm Forum Moderator, 5511 Posts

The official state of this (as far as SilverStripe coredev support) is that the module is not supported. No core developers are working on it, or working on supporting it. So basically its been disowned.

There is some hesitation for anyone on the core team to pick it up or work on it. No one is actively merging patches / dealing with the roadmap or leading development for it. Some talk has been removing it completely from the site as well / scrapping it completely since its not in a usable state.

Its possible that if a community developer had alot of thoughts and experience with the module we may be able to open up svn commit access or some other options to keep the module ticking.


26 February 2010 at 12:50pm Community Member, 140 Posts

Thanks for clarifying that. While disappointing, it's understandable if you're not using it for your own clients.

I see that e-Commerce is still listed under services on Does the core team have an internal replacement for this module for paying clients? Or would the e-commerce module be revisited and customized when needed?

I hope that it does get developed further because a having a module containing the core functionality for e-commerce would be beneficial. I'm not in a position to help out with this though.



23 May 2010 at 12:55am Forum Moderator, 435 Posts



23 May 2010 at 11:04am Community Member, 178 Posts

If not this module, what are the options for ecommerce in SilverStripe.
I saw having ecommerce as one of the real strong points for silverstripe when checking out different options, and I find myself having spent much time learning SS now, and finding that the module I expected to be able to use is not up to the job.
I am going to loose a great contract due to this... I'm freakin out here.... any guidance?


23 May 2010 at 2:21pm Forum Moderator, 5511 Posts

I have deployed ecommerce trunk to a couple sites on 2.4 and its usable just not hard core production ready. Depending on your budget you could probably get in touch with any number of Developer network companies who can help develop ecommerce solutions -


23 May 2010 at 2:39pm Community Member, 178 Posts

Thanks for getting back to me... so I am guessing from your reply that the ecom trunk is for 2.4 (I could find that info anywhere).
Unfortunately I don't have the budget to get others involved. If I can't get the mod to work I will be forced to look at EE or another cart system to integrate.
If I am not mistaken the ecom module requires the new payments module?? If so that will be a problem since it doesn't support PayPal at the moment (the gateway supported doesn't work for Canada ;(


23 May 2010 at 2:44pm Forum Moderator, 5511 Posts

If I am not mistaken the ecom module requires the new payments module?? If so that will be a problem since it doesn't support PayPal at the moment

Yes it does require payments but I'm pretty sure PayPal is supported (its the one I used).

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