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E-Commerce Modules

Discuss about the various e-commerce modules available:
Ecommerce, SS Shop, SilverCart and SwipeStripe
Alternatively, have a look the shared mailinglist.

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18 February 2011 at 12:33pm Community Member, 3 Posts

Is there any documentation that explains this modifier? Could anybody provide me an example? I don't know how I have to set _config.php.

Thanks in advance


18 February 2011 at 9:42pm Community Member, 49 Posts

Hi there, i have been looking into this myself as i consider it to be more important for my clients needs than the simpleshipping module and like you i have to agree about the documentation for it, when looking at the code it is unlike any of the other modules and as Nicholaas suggested in a previous question regarding this modifier would probably work if merged with a SimpleShippingModifier..

On a side note over on googlecode i have noticed that the shipping modules have recently (this month) been overhauled by Nicholaas (i think thats the developers the name without going over to check) and taking a look at the weightshippingmodules code it does look like its been improved 10 fold, maybe if Nicholaas is around he could explain more and detail whats involved in trying out this latest module and whether it would be stable/unstable in v0.7 or v0.81


19 February 2011 at 4:13am Community Member, 3 Posts

I think that Nicolas's suggestion was right. I followed this way and I wrote a working weightmodifiers.
My target was a Weight Modifidiers that change for 2 zones (into CEE, out of CEE) and for custom weights.
I attach for you some scripts that I modified in order to did it.

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19 February 2011 at 5:20pm Forum Moderator, 227 Posts

Hello maxfagotto,

Thanks for taking time to share your solution on here.

At about the 0.8 release the shipping modifiers got broken, due to the cart being stored in the database, rather than the session.

I can't download your zip file, it's saying 403 Forbidden. Could you perhaps try uploading again, maybe with a different name? Or linking to it somewhere else?

I'll check out your changes, and should be able to apply them to a 0.8.1rc2 release candidate.

I wouldn't recommend using the trunk. Yes it's been overhauled a bit, but we're just sorting some performance issues.



21 February 2011 at 11:39am Community Member, 3 Posts

I upload for you the WeightShippingModifier in txt format. I hope that this will not be corrupted.


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22 February 2011 at 11:02am Community Member, 49 Posts

Thank you maxfaggato for taking the time out to work on this and also thanks for providing the _config info in the attached files comments, looking forward to giving a try.