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Can you remove the checkout/cart?

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8 July 2009 at 12:36am Community Member, 27 Posts

Hi would it be possible to use this module without the cart so that I can use it just to display products.

I have not tried to install it yet just thought I should ask first.

Thanks for the reply's.


8 July 2009 at 2:38pm Community Member, 181 Posts


It's all in the template. You can remove the add-to-cart button etc I have done this for a client using SS.




9 July 2009 at 6:45pm Community Member, 27 Posts

Hi is this the line of code in that you change because I want instead of add to cart to have.

Contact us for prices and a link to our cantact page.

<a href="$addLink" title="<% sprintf(_t("ADD","Add &quot;%s&quot; to your cart"),$Title.XML) %>"><% _t("ADDLINK","Add this item to cart.") %></a>

Poor attempt to edit. Nothing happened?
<a href="/contact" title="<% sprintf(_t("ADD","Add &quot;%s&quot; to your cart"),$Title.XML) %>"><% _t("ADDLINK","Contact us for prices.") %></a>

As you can see I am lost and need help and also do you have to refresh the page somehow to display the changes what command would you use.

Thankyou for any responces.


9 July 2009 at 6:50pm (Last edited: 9 July 2009 6:55pm), Community Member, 181 Posts


Will take a better look at your code change later but I think you might need to make more changes.

Yes you do need to do something to see changes, the templates are cached so add ?flush=1 to the end of the URL to make your changes visible.



p.s. which version of ecommerce are you running?


9 July 2009 at 7:33pm Community Member, 27 Posts

Hi thanks for your past good to no somebody cares?

I think I have all the latest versions.


E-Commerce 0.6 beta

This is the website that I am testing on:
This is the website that I want this for:


9 July 2009 at 8:54pm Community Member, 181 Posts

Sorry, it's been a while since I've looked at the ecommerce model.

let's back up a bit...

have you gone to the product in the CMS, at the bottom of the "main" tab there's a checkbox called "Allow product to be purchased", does this not do what you need? then it's a case of removing the cart from the sidebar.

If not then we will have to take apart.

This is the first chance I've had to look at 0.6b1, it's quite a complicated template at first glance, will will have a poke around at the weekend :)




9 July 2009 at 10:19pm Community Member, 27 Posts

Hi what I want to do is remove price and any referance to the cart.

I also want to remove the add this item to cart link and replace it with contact us for details.

If you scroll down this page you should see $15.00 USD want that gone.

Sorry I couldnt see the checkbox you were talking about I made a screenshot of my cms.

I just installed new firefox 3.5 do you like the theme only one I could find.


10 July 2009 at 9:03am Community Member, 181 Posts

ok, first thing, the screen shot shows a product group page, if you click on a product (e.g. example product) and go to the bottom of the main tab, the checkbox I talked about is there (or should be).

Next, if you don't want the price displayed, why set it? have you tried clearing this field or setting it to zero and see if it still displays?

ecommerce module might not be the best solution for you if you don't really need cart and only some elements of catalogue.

sorry for the short reply, I'm off to a meeting, will jump back on the forum later.



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