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SearchContext and Versioned : bad SQLQuery !?


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2 June 2010 at 1:07am (Last edited: 2 June 2010 1:08am), Community Member, 67 Posts


I try to use SearchContext in my project but it doesn't work :'(
Silverstripe always add "_Live" to all table, even relation tables (many_many) to the query.

My Code :

+ I have a "Level" (DataObject) with just a Title :

class Level extends DataObject {

   static $db = array(
         'Title' => 'Varchar(255)'

   static $belongs_many_many = array(
         'Documents' => 'Document'

   function getCMSFields() {
      $fields = parent::getCMSFields();
         new TextField('Title', $this->fieldLabel('Title'))
      return $fields;
   function listAll() {
      $objs = DataObject::get($this->class);

      if(!$objs) return array();

      $list = array_unique($objs->column('Title'));
      return $list;


+ A Document class (extends Page) and a many_many relation with "Level". I define the getDefaultSearchContext method to change the Level field (to a dropdown field) :

class Document extends Page {

   static $db = array(
         'Subtitle' => 'Varchar(255)'

   static $many_many = array(
         'Levels' => 'Level'

   static $searchable_fields = array(

   static $field_labels = array(
         'Levels.Title' => 'Levels'


   public function getDefaultSearchContext() {
      $context = parent::getDefaultSearchContext();


      $levelMap = null;
      $levels = Singleton('Level')->listAll();
      if($levels) { $levelMap = array_combine($levels, $levels); }

      $levelField = new DropdownField( 'Levels', 'Levels', $levelMap );


      return $context;

+ And i created a new type of page to search Documents with Level.Title. i define a searchForm with the SearchContext of the "Document" :

class DocumentSearch extends Page {

class DocumentSearch_Controller extends Page_Controller {

   function DocumentSearchForm() {
      $context = singleton('Document')->getDefaultSearchContext();
      $fields = $context->getSearchFields();

      $form = new Form($this, "DocumentSearchForm",
         new FieldSet(
            new FormAction('DocumentSearch', _t('MemberTableField.SEARCH'))
      return $form;

   function DocumentSearch($data, $form, $request) {
      $searchCriteria = array(
         'Levels.Title' => $data['Levels']

      return $this->render(
            'DocumentResults' => $this->DocumentSearchResults($searchCriteria),
            'DocumentSearchForm' => $form

   function DocumentSearchResults($searchCriteria=array()) {
      $context = singleton('Document')->getDefaultSearchContext();
      $records = $context->getResults($searchCriteria);
      return $records;


But when i search a document, Silverstripe give me an error :

Couldn't run query: SELECT DISTINCT "SiteTree_Live" ... blabla... Table 'MyDB.Document_Levels_Live' doesn't exist.

I have a "Document_Levels" table but not "Document_Levels_Live" !?

Really, thanks four your help !


30 June 2010 at 1:00pm Community Member, 28 Posts

Same problem here…


15 February 2012 at 7:08am Community Member, 2 Posts

For anyone who hits this issue and finds this page as a result, I think the fix might be something like the following (untested) change to Versioned.php (ignore tables which are not names of classes that have the Versioned extension):


31 May 2012 at 4:31am Community Member, 16 Posts

Hey markjames,

Just wanted to verify that your Versioned edit seems to do the trick. Thanks for the tip!