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Set Radio Button to be Check by default


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13 July 2010 at 10:29pm Community Member, 95 Posts

Is it possible to set a radio button to be checked intially, or should i use jquery
I'm sure I can use jquery to detect if its changed or clicked, but i'm a bit stuck when neither is checked

Would be nice to know anyway, if altering php code below could make it checked to start with, if possible

---PHP code file --
$BRvalues = array('Buy'=>'For Sale','Rent'=>'For Rent');
$fields->push(new OptionsetField('buyrent','', $BRvalues,$propertybuyrent));
---PHP code file -

which outputs

<ul id="Form_HouseSearchForm_buyrent" class="optionset nolabel">

<li class="odd valBuy">
<input id="Form_HouseSearchForm_buyrent_Buy" name="buyrent" type="radio" value="Buy" class="radio" />
<label for="Form_HouseSearchForm_buyrent_Buy">For Sale</label>

<li class="even valRent">
<input id="Form_HouseSearchForm_buyrent_Rent" name="buyrent" type="radio" value="Rent" class="radio" />
<label for="Form_HouseSearchForm_buyrent_Rent">For Rent</label>



13 July 2010 at 11:52pm Community Member, 95 Posts

i have used jQuery in the end

if ($("input[@name='buyrent']:checked").val() == 'Buy')
// Code for handling value 'a'
else if ($("input[@name='buyrent']:checked").val() == 'Rent')
// Code for handling value 'b'
// Code for handling 'c'
//set first radio to be check by default
$('div#housesearchform input:radio:nth(0)').attr("checked","checked");