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Form Questions

datepicker and onselect




1 June 2012 at 3:25pm Community Member, 1 Post


I am using Silverstripe 2.4.3 and jquery for form validation, following the example here:

I have all the JS files specified in my and have added the following to my page:
function init() {
jQuery(document).ready(function() {
rules: {
Paper: "required",
NumberOfCopies: "required",
               DateRequiredProduction: {
                  required : true,
                  date : true
messages: {
Paper: "Please pick a paper type",
NumberOfCopies: "My default is a million copies",
               DateRequiredProduction: "Let me know the date so I can exceed your expectations"


Now form validation is working great so far with the exception of a DateField, if you enter a valid entry to start off then everything just works. If you do not enter a value in the field and trigger a validation error on submit. You need to select a date twice in order for the field to get validated.

I believe is can be fixed by defining a callback in the onselect method and have it call my validate method?

However I have tried several things to get that to work and so far none have been successful. I tried adding the following to the JS above:
jQuery("#DateRequiredProduction").datepicker("option", "onSelect", function() {
            alert("this is test");

But I just get:
jQuery("#DateRequiredProduction").datepicker is not a function

Any ideas?