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Displaying link to file in GridField


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20 February 2013 at 9:48am

I have a GridField diplaying as $has_many realtion with files, I'm tryin to add a column with a link to the file. I thought I'd be able to do it setFieldFormatting but at that level it seems to only have access the page object even though is I remove it, the gridfield does show the $Filename

   public function FileForm(){
      $config = GridFieldConfig_Base::create();
      $fileField = new GridField("Files", "Documents", $this->Files(), $config);
      $dataColumns = $fileField->getConfig()->getComponentByType('GridFieldDataColumns');
         'Select' => 'Select',
         'Title' => 'Title',
         'Description' => 'Description',
         'Size' => 'Size',
         'LastEdited' => 'Changed',
         'Filename'=> 'Download'

         "Filename" => "<a href=/'$Filename/'>Download</a>"
      $fields = new FieldList (
      $actions = new FieldList(FormAction::create("doEmail")->setTitle("Send Files"));
      return new Form($this, "FileForm", $fields, $actions);


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21 February 2013 at 8:02am

I've gotten a little farther using a new GridField Componant

class GridFieldDownloadButton implements GridField_ColumnProvider {
   public function augmentColumns($field, &$cols) {
      if(!in_array('Download', $cols)) $cols[] = 'Download';
   public function getColumnsHandled($field) {
      return array('Download');
   public function getColumnContent($field, $record, $col) {
      if($record->canView()) {
         $data = new ArrayData(array(
            'Link' => $record->Filename
         return $data->renderWith('GridFieldDowloadButton');
   public function getColumnAttributes($field, $record, $col) {
      return array('class' => 'col-link');

   public function getColumnMetadata($gridField, $col) {
      return array('title' => "Link to File", 'sortable' => false);


But the column renders as sortable with a blank Title

Any suggestions?